Friday, January 19, 2007


Just learning how to do all this design work, so I hope you bear with me for the first month here. I was born and raised in Lombard and recently worked on the Tammy Duckworth Campaign. She was an inspiring individual who fought for her country and lost several limbs. What does Peter Roskam do? Questions her patriotism and spreads lies about her positions. Peter Roskam is way too conservative for Illinois - and I hope this blog can help make people aware of this.

Its only the first 100 hours of the new Congress and already Peter Roskam has voted against ethics reform (not surpising for someone who used to work for Tom Delay), against negotiating for lower precription drug prices, against raising the minimum wage for hardworking Americans, and for tax breaks for large oil companies. Peter Roskam is too conservative for Illinios - and this blog will be dedicated to tracking this.

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