Monday, January 22, 2007

Is Roskam just inept & inefficient - or is he hiding?

Has anyone else been to Roskam's website yet? It is truely frightening how bad it is. Basically, there is nothing there. His office address is not listed. His bio - nothing. Now I don't have very high expections for him, but its already been almost 3 weeks since he was sworn into office and over 2 1/2 months since he was elected. How hard is it to put your contact info onto your website?

I thought to be fair, I'd check out a few other newly elected member's websites. Started with the other newly elected Illinios Democrat, Phil Hare (Il-17). Yup, his contact info was listed. In Wisoncin, newly elected Democrat Steve Kagen (WI-9) has his contact info on hiw website. I visted the websites of our western neighbors Iowa and checked newly elected Democratic Reps. Bruce Braley (IA-1)and Dave Loebsack (IA-2). Sure enough, they had their office contact info listed too. Okay, what about the new Indiana Reps. Joe Donnelly (IN)- check. Brad Ellsworth (IN-8) - check. Baron Hill (IN-9) - check. Hmm, it seems like every other new member has at least managed to get their office contact info on their website in the first month.

Did we really elect someone to Washington who can't even get their basic contact info up on their website within the first 3 weeks? There has already been several pieces of good legislation passed in this time, it would seem to be a simple thing to do to add your contact info to your website. Then again, maybe after the way Roskam has voted so far he doesn't want anyone to be able to find him.

Jan 24, 4:00 pm new update- The contact info in finally up on his website. Way to go! Hope he does a better job representing his constituents.


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