Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Illinois to move primaries to Feb. 5th?

Just read an interesting article in today’s The Hill regarding Michael Madigan’s proposal to move the Illinois primaries to Feb. 5th. As they point out, doing this would have implications in congressional races. It would force a challenger to organize sooner and will force both Roskam and a potential challenger to raise more money for the longer campaign operation. A bright side is it will allow more time for any wounds to heal if there is a primary battle on the Democratic side, something Roskam is likely to avoid on the Republican side.

However, I wouldn't overestimate the importance of this either. Regardless of the primary date, Roskam is still vulnerable. As Rep. Bean’s spokesperson observes, “Her record is the same in January as it is in March.” The same is true with Roskam. The wrong votes he as already cast will still be wrong no matter the month of the primary!

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