Thursday, February 8, 2007

Roskam already cozying up to lobbyists

Its not taking Roskam long to adopt to the Republican culture of corruption – what do we expect from someone who is protégé of the indicted Tom Delay? The Roll Call reports that tonight he is having a fundraiser hosted by lobbyist Erick Gustafson (Mortgage Bankers Association) at the swanky steak house Charlie Palmers. If Roskam wants to spend his time cozying up with lobbyists at posh steak houses, that is up to him. But when it results in votes against the interests of middle-class Illinois residents – then its time for us to step in. We’re watching. If he keeps voting with his lobbyist friends that he makes at $1,000 cocktail reception and steak dinners, we will make sure his constituents know. All donations made tonight should eventually be available in a future FEC report, so I’ll be sure to update you all later on the roster of high paid lobbyists that attend.

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